Kardio Kickboxing

These high energy, heart pumping workouts appeal to everyone!

Men and women of all skill levels enjoy challenging themselves in a fun, supportive environment.

Kardio Kickboxing is forty-five minutes of powerful cardiovascular exercise combined with kicking and punching a heavy bag, it makes this a workout to remember.

Fitness Boxing- Train like a boxer! This ab intensive, shoulder intensive, cardio crazed workout will teach you to punch correctly and effectively! Jump rope...no problem...we'll teach you that too! Take your new found skills into the KRAV MAGA, self defense class for an all around Kick A** workout!


Don't wait...start today...Come kick something with us!

I recently went to the doctor, he said my blood pressure was better ( he adjusted my medication), my cholesterol was great (he took me off that medication), and I’ve lost 15 lbs so far...I love the Krav, kardio and boxing!
— M. Reynolds; parent & student
For all ages, and abilities!

For all ages, and abilities!