Boxing @ Power Kix

Power Kix Boxing Club

It takes 34 muscles to frown and only 4 to punch.

Our state of the art facility is unmatched for miles and is equipped with everything you need to achieve outstanding performance.

Fitness Boxing- Train like a boxer! This ab intensive, shoulder intensive, cardio crazed workout will teach you to punch correctly and effectively! Jump problem...we'll teach you that too! Take your new found skills into the KRAV MAGA self defense class for an all around Kick A** workout or step up your boxing program and make it competitive!

Competitive Boxing- Ready to see if training like a boxer has you ready to BE a Boxer? Step up your game and head into the ring for some real competition. Our USA Boxing approved facility and coaches will help you get to the next level. USA Boxing membership, passbook and sanctioned competitions are all here. We have what you need to be everything you want to be!


Our new boxing logo will be added to some t-shirts. Come out and attend classes, and one of these could be yours!!