Childrens Programs

Children's Programs

Award Winning Children's Programs

Our specialized turtle program named after the famous Ninja Turtles is for young people 4 to 6 years of age. Our time tested curriculum is designed to help these little people establish good coordination and balance while working on basic motor skills, confidence and better focus. With 4 potential classes each week, our schedule allows you to pick and choose which day you would like for your child to attend: and because we don’t restrict our students, you can choose to come to all of them at no extra charge! Our turtle classes are 30 minutes long and offer your child the opportunity to have fun with fitness and learn martial arts at the same time.

Learning to focus and follow instruction and HAVING FUN is the main objective with this age group! Discipline and self control, building self-esteem and learning respect and patience are values that your Turtle will develop in our program! Don’t get us wrong they will be punching, kicking and blocking…and the foundation they develop her becomes a the foundation that will stay with them for life!

These are the tools needed to succeed in martial arts and in life, and we feel that this age group is very capable of learning, benefiting and excelling in all of them. We believe that the foundation they develop here, can stay with them for life! Our program encourages this age group to reach for moare and start setting small goals. The transition into our regular Junior classes is the natural progression for them, where more goal setting is learned.

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Junior Classes (Teen, Pre-Teen & Pre-Pre Teen)

A challenging age range, where self esteem and physical fitness, and social acceptance plays a key role. We have a dynamic program that will help to build and strengthen self esteem, get them moving, and offer a safe social outlet that many teens & pre-teens are looking for.

Our children’s program is an opportunity for every child to get off of the bench and into the game!

The program is designed to teach young people to feel and achieve success by setting and reaching short, medium  and long term goals!

Our Martial Arts program builds self esteem and a ” yes I can ” Attitude!


Our children's program is an opportunity for every child to get off of the bench and get into the game!

The experience of working towards and achieving something, in this case belts, will foster a drive to achieve and the confidence to overcome obstacles and challenges in your way!  So, whether it be your white belt, Black Belt, your first tournament win, your first broken board, or the first time some one calls you ” Sir or Ma’am”… The life lessons you
learned along the way will serve you whole life!

Our students draw upon what they’ve learned for a lifetime!

Family Programs

Power Kix allows families the unique opportunity to participate in something together!

Martial Arts are like no other activity.  There is truly something for everyone!  At power Kix every family member can train!

5 years old and 50 years old… And all in between!  Our flexible schedule allows families to develop a training schedule that allows them to train together when they want to and focus on themselves if that is wanted as well.  It is not uncommon to see a Mom and her teenage Son  in class, and a Grandfather and his Grand Daughter also, in class!  Everyone enjoying
the gifts that Martial Art’s have to offer.

After School Enrichment Program

Our After School Enrichment Program is one of the elite afterschool programs in the county. Our program begins with pick up from select Elementary Schools to our facility. Once here, students will change for their Martial Arts Class where they will receive all of the benefits of our acclaimed TaeKwoDo program. Time for homework and free time follow classes each day.

Power Kix Martial Arts is committed to providing a great experience for each of our students regardless of which program they are participating in. Our facility reflects this committment with a dedicated space for our afterschool programwhere students have cubby space for uniforms and gear bags.With full access to board games, arts & craft materials, books and more our students are always engaged.

We pride ourselves on providing a fun atmosphere that is focused on personal growth for each student. Classes focus on clearly defined curriculum arranged so each student can set goals, train to achieve them, and experience consistent progress.

3 Martial Arts classes a week

  • Van pick-up every school.
  • Homework help
  • Goal setting and confidence building
  • Computer time
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Group activities and games
  • Planned half day activities

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