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History of Tae Kwon Do

History of Tae Kwon Do

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference in uniforms?

Here at Power Kix the uniform does hold some significance. The white uniform you received at your introduction, is our basic uniform and may be worn by everyone. Red uniforms are reserved for our Black Belt Club Members. Uniforms with a Black Collar may be worn by Novice Black Belts and Black Belts Only. Other color specialty uniforms may be worn ONLY by Black Belts.

Uniforms should be neat and clean. If you are wearing an undershirt, it MUST be tucked in. Jewelery should be removed before participating in class.

What if we are late for class?

We understand that sometimes we try to be on time and we're not...So...Anytime within the first 15 minutes of class, you may participate with permission, however, if you are more than 15 minutes late, you will be asked to wait and participate at the next available class time.

What if I forgot my belt?

You may attend class without your belt with permission. Push ups or monkey jacks may be given if this becomes a recurring problem.

Remember...You have worked hard to earn it, you should treat it as such. Belts SHOULD NOT be worn outside of the school (i.e. grocery store, bank, video store etc.) You may come to class in your uniform, but save the belt tying for inside.

Where can I purchase a new uniform and equipment?

Power Kix has a small Pro shop area where you can purchase everything that your student needs. Equipment prices and guides are listed in the Pro Shop. Safety equipment MUST have the Power Kix logo on it.

Only Power Kix safety equipment may be used in the classroom. For those with specialty equipment for the competition is reserved for team workouts only.

My child is ready to test for their next belt, What do we do now?

Belt testing is held once each month (on a Tuesday, please check calendar). If your student has received all of their stripes, they may sign up for that Testing Day. Regular classes are not held on Testing Tuesday, so as all of the attention can be given to those students testing. If your child passes their test, they will be given information regarding Graduation, which is always held the Saturday after Testing.

Remember...Clean uniforms must be worn to Testing and Graduation. "Intent to Promote" Letters are handed out to all those testing during the school year. Teachers and Parents MUST sign off on their behavior prior to Graduation.

My child left something at the Dojang, is there a Lost & Found?

Yes, In the back lobby, there is a lost & found . Our lost & found is cleaned out on a regular basis, so if you left it, check right away to see if it is here.

Note: We will NEVER place groin protectors, mouth-guards, or underclothing in the lost and found. These items will be discarded.

I see you have a café, but no one is working, how do I pay for snacks or water?

Our student creed says...Honesty in the heart.  Our café is handled by the HONOR SYSTEM so that students have an opportunity to practice that part of their creed. You will see a sign with prices, and a small can where you can place your money and make change if necessary.