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Our Mission

           Our Staff


Power Kix has served the Stafford Area for more than 20 years. Opening in 1993 in a 1250 sq.ft facility, Power Kix has become a pillar in the community and has grown alongside the families that live here.

It has been a gratifying and rewarding adventure that has brought us to our current location, a 12.500 square foot state of the art training center, which has made us one of the top ranked schools in the state! Under the guidance of Olympic Gold Medalist, Arlene Limas, our staff works diligently to provide a safe and fun facility for all ages and interests. All of our staff members have come from within… starting at white belt and working their way up like every other student. Leading by example, our staff is always training and working towards certifications, accomplishments and competitive achievements.

We are a FULL TIME martial arts center committed to our members and their goals! In addition to our World Class Taekwondo program, we also offer an After School Enrichment program, an Adult Fitness Program featuring Krav Maga, boxing and kardio kickboxing, specialty seminars and competition teams. Our Summer Camp is hands down the best in the area and our Special Olympics program was used as the pilot program for the rest of the country. We offer varying class times throughout the week and with unlimited classes, you can customize your attendance to fit your busy schedule.

Our students are diverse and they come to us so that we can work with them in setting and achieving their goals…And those goals vary…from a 4 year old struggling to balance on one leg, to the teenager aspiring to make the National Taekwondo Team, to the mother of four looking to get back into shape, to the Marine looking for well tested training in our Krav maga adult fitness track! Power Kix has something for everyone!

Our Student Creed

To build true confidence,

through knowledge in the mind,

honesty in the heart,

and strength in the body.

To keep friendships with one another

and build a strong and happy community.

Never fight to achieve selfish end,

but to develop MIGHT FOR RIGHT!


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Who we are

Under the guidance of owner and Olympic Gold Medalist, Arlene Limas, the staff here at Power Kix has created a top rated Taekwondo program. Focusing on good techniques AND good attitude, expectations are set high.

Arlene Limas is a 5th Degree Black Belt in American Taekwondo. 5th Degree in Shaolin Kung Fu. She has been studying the Martial Arts since she was five years old. Ms. Limas is Owner at Power Kix and is dedicated to spreading her knowledge ofSport Martial Arts with her students. Her accomplishments include being inducted into Seven Sport Halls of Fame, undefeated internationally, 1988 Olympic Gold Medal in Taekwondo, several National and World championships. Ms. Limas is currently one of the AAU National Team Coaches, USAT Assistant Coach and the current National Capital Area Olympic Alumni President.

Robert Bara is a 4th Degree Black Belt in American Taekwondo. He has been studying martial arts all his life, beginning with Shaolin Kung Fu as a child in Chicago, IL. He had competed in and won many National tournaments and was member of WAKO Team USA. Besides his martial arts career, Mr. Bara was named three-time All Conference player while playing college football. He has been nominated multiple times for the Special Olympics Coach of the Year. Outside of Power Kix, Mr. Bara works for the Stafford County school system as a Special Education para, and is working towards his teaching certification in Special Education. In his free time, he prefers to be with his son, Dakota, and spending time on the golf course.

Mike Didyk is a 3rd Degree Black Belt. He was one of Ms. Limas’ first students when she opened Power Kix. He received his 1st Degree in 1996 and his 2nd in 1999. Mr. Didyk was a co-captain on the first competiton team and competed in poit and olympic style fighting. Mr. Didyk became an instructor in 1996 and continued teaching here until 2000. He joined the Army and served as an infantryman/mortar man spending one year in Korea and another year in Ramadi, Iraq. After getting out of the Army, he returned to Power Kix and teaching. He is a 3rd Degree Black Belt and Head Instructor,he is the Asst Coach of our competiton team, and has completed his level 2 teaching certification for our Krav Maga Adult Fitness Program. Mr. Didyk enjoys training in many different styles of Martial Arts and is a big sports fan in his free time.

Stephanie Brown is a Third degree Black Belt. She is known by the students as “Miss Tikki” and is a former military “brat”. She has moved all over the world with her family in fascinating countries like Guatemala, Kenya and Germany. After her father’s retirement, Ms. Tikki started studying martial arts when she was 16 here at Power Kix. Since then, she has graduated with honors from Mary Washington College with her B.A. in English. One of her hobbies is constructing costumes which combines both her interest in watching Japanese animation and her love for arts & crafts. She also enjoys reading fantasy novels, playing retro video games, and spending time with her family and friends. Miss Tikki is the lead instructor in our Turtle Program and is certified level 2 Krav Maga instructor.

Katrina Hobbs is a 2nd Degree Black Belt. The students know her as “Miss Kasie”. She works as both a Taekwondo instructor and Elementary School Teacher. Miss Kasie has been studying Taekwondo at Power Kix since 2001, competed with our competiton team where she captured a National Championship in both Forms and Point Fighting. Miss Kasie is a recent graduate of the University of Mary Washington with a Masters in Education. Miss Kasie has her Bachelors in both Studio Art and English. In her free time, Miss Kasie paints, spends time with her family and teaches art classes

Mr. Matt Allen is a 2nd Degree Black Belt and a member of Ms. Limas' competition team. Mr. Matt is been teaching for 2 years. He started out in our Turtles class and with our Summer Camp Kids...He quickly moved into the main classroom with his attention to details and his great attitude!


Ms. Devon Lewis is a 2nd Degree Black Belt, a leader on Ms. Limas' competition team, and one of the leads in our After School Enrichment Program. Ms. Devon has been won several competitions in sparring. National Colligate Champion, AAU National Team Member, Junior National Champion.


Mr. Keith Preston is a 2nd Degree Black Belt. He is a blast from our past, and comes and helps out occasionally. Mr. Keith was an instructor here for several years before he decided to get a "real" job in the hustle & bustle 95 commute.



Power Kix is an amazing school, with awesome instructors who have a tremendous ability to teach to all different student levels, skill sets and personality types. Power Kix really helps students build true confidence, and as a parent you can see it affect all aspects of their life! And the facility is great for parents who like to watch their kids in class.
— Ed & Shannon Foley

At my recent check up visit to the doctor, revealed that my Blood pressure was normal, and he was taking me off my blood pressure medicine. My cholesterol levels were great, so no more meds, and I have lost 15 lbs!
— M. Reynolds

What we offer

  • Full time Martial Arts Center committed to excellence and to our members and their goals.
  • Award winning kids and adult Taekwondo,
  • Adult Fitness Programs. Taekwondo, Kardio Kickboxing, Boxing and Krav Maga (self defense).
  • US Krav Maga Affilliate School offering, level 1 and level 2 classes. Certified instructors (level2-Black Belt)
  • Elite level Coaching and competition. 
  • Owned and operated by Olympic Gold Medalist, Arlene Limas.
  • Top staff with over 50 years of combined experience.
  • 12.500 sq ft  "state of the art" facility
  • Pro-shop
  • Family café area
  • Great viewing areas
  • After School Enrichment Program